Dual Cameras Setup

My Franken camera
For people who hate changing lens in the field.
Use double-sided 1/4″ bolt to mount 2 cameras together, if the camera didn’t face the right direction, add 1 mm. rubber bushing.
Now you can two cameras with 2 different lens at the same time.

น๊อตขนาด 1/4″ ที่มีเกลียว 2 ด้าน ที่เห็นตามขาตั้งไฟ เอามารวมร่างกล้องได้แบบดังรูปประกอบ ถ้าใส่แล้วกล้องหันไปผิดด้านไม่หันไปด้านเดียวกัน เติม bushing ยางซัก 1 มม. จะพอดี
เท่านี้ก็ถ่ายได้ 2 กล้องพร้อมกันแล้ว


curing YN460’s mushy button syndrome

Yongnuo YN460 electronic flash has been my work house for strobist works for quite a while now. I must say that I am continuously impress by this cheap and simple flash, it does not meter the output by it self nor it syn at very high speed but it super simple control layout and the mere fact that it is very cheap while unbelievably reliable. (oh! it does not sleep either and that’s a must for off-camera flash )

there’s only one problem haunting the YN460 and that is the button. if you research about this flash, you probably encounter some youtube video describing a faulty YN460 that decide to fire and turn off by it self. My flash fortunately does not have that problem, I have the exactly opposite problem. My button is not too tight, it’s too loose and its affect many YN460 so much, the internet give it a name :  mushy button syndrome

I went online to find the cure and flickr’s Yomgnuo group has some discussion about using aluminum foil to thicken the contacts in the button but there is no detail instruction available so I decide to make one : )

disclaimer : although this is not a dangerous procedure but working with a high-voltage converter we called “flash” does poss some risk, so remove the batteries and exercise caution! also this procedure is going to totally void your warranty.

what you need is a flat-bladed screwdriver and some aluminum foil

first step is to pry the clear cover off the back of the flash. Insert the flat-bladed screwdriver into the opening in the cover and gently, gently pry the front cover. Do not use too much force.

The cover is hold in place by double sided Scott-tape so again, lift the cover up gently. See the grayish rubber buttons? take it out.

This is the button and also the culprit to the mushy button syndrome. The contact is too small and short that after some uses, the won’t connect properly and you have to dig your finger into it to make it connect. The solution is pretty simple, get a tiny stripe of aluminum foil about 2mm. by 6mm. and fold it about 2-3 folds, put the folded foil into each button, like this.

I don’t have trouble with mode button so I going to leave it be, for now : )

Test run! gently place your button pad in place and pushing some button, It should take a lot less force now. If it doesn’t get a new aluminum stripe and fold in a bit more. If it took too little force, fold a bit less. When you fine-tuned your button, put the cover back in place and you are done!

I hope your YN460 is cured now and please contact me if you have a question : )